Carved Cravings exploring how to take their artisan cakes online

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Carved Cravings, young cake bosses of Saint Lucia, are taking part on Chaitech Techpreneur Programme, exploring how to offer their artisan carved cakes online.

The entrepreneurial venture Carved Cravings was founded by five talented individuals who
tasked with exploring their skills and strengths, and starting a business. Esther, Nalini, Yasmar, Pertrice and Joysha. They agreed on a business, where succulent and toothsome flavoured cakes are carved into sophisticated shapings. The overall goal of the business is to satisfy the taste buds and creative eye of their customers. The future plans of the business, is to upgrade from home based bakery to a well established bakery to catch the eyes of the target market.

Within Chaitech Techpreneur Programme, Carved Cravings have now joined forces with young techpreneur and vlogger Nyell to explore ways to enhance their online presence, ensuring it gives their luxury product justice.

Chaitech is building a community of young techpreneurs in St Lucia and is currently running a pilot virtual online techpreneur programme. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.

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