Carved Cravings team building their online storefront – with Chaitech

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Artisan cake makers’ startup Carved Cravings shifts from ideas to action – starting to build its online shopfront.

Cake boss Esther Volney working closely with other team members Nalini,Yasmar, Joysha and Pertrice, who support her by taking charge of finance and marketing, initially joined Chaitech to enhance their online presence. After joining forces with YouTuber and founder of Pops Productions Tech Nyell Xade Jean, their plan have only grown more ambitious.

Cakes go digital!

According to Yasmar Trim, Carved Cravings’ Marketing Director, the team are seeking to further their business by having their very own website which will allow them to develop their online presence further, as well as provide their customers with a more convenient way of accessing them: “We realise that technology is an integrated part of the lifestyles of persons today and we plan to take full advantage of it.”

Interactive elements added to the website will go beyond a mere display of cakes: planning the size and type of your cake with interactive calculations, online ordering, a members’ area, and more.

How did joining Chaitech help?

How did joining Chaitech make a difference for Carved Cravings? According to Yasmar, “Chaitach has been a constant aid in this endeavor by not only becoming a pillar of support for our business but providing us with an outstanding techie named Nyell who offers us his skills to use at our disposal. He continues to showcase his talents and patience, working alongside us in our pursuit of designing and setting up our web page as we envisioned.”

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