Chaitech App Development module kicks off with Sahan Bulathwela AI in apps lecture


Chaitech App Development module kicked off with Zoom lecture on the use of AI in apps by Sahan  Bulathwela, research assistant with University College London (UCL).

Chaitech App Development module that is part of Chaitech Techpreneur Programme kicked off with Sahan Bulathwela’s lecture on the use of AI in apps, providing a condensed 2-hour overview of both the necessary background knowledge in relation to AI and practical aspects and exercise of using it in apps:

  • What is artificial intelligence and who uses it? Based on young techpreneurs’ perceptions of AI, Sahan explained how the definition of AI overlaps with Machine Learning, plus which companies and why use AI.
  • How can a business leverage AI? Based on the business case driven by dramatically decreasing costs of AI, Sahan explained the cases of Natural Language Understanding/ Conversational AI, Computer Vision, Forecasting and Prediction, and Information Retrieval and Recommendation.
  • Practical coding exercise of Sentiment Analysis on social media reactions in Python was complemented by the considerations of embedding in your app cloud-based AI tools as opposed to building your own AI from scratch.

We are immensely grateful to Sahan for his amazing contribution in the hope that his lecture inspires Chaitech cohort of young techpreneurs to consider using AI in future versions of the apps they are developing. The initial signals have been positive!

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2 thoughts on “Chaitech App Development module kicks off with Sahan Bulathwela AI in apps lecture”

  1. Hi Sahan,
    Excellent works.
    How could we collaborate to use Chaitech App Development module in Malaysia specifically in Sarawak?
    Sarawak has established various start-up and innovation hubs where a module like yours would be very useful.

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