Pops Productions Tech, YouTube channel run by Chaitech techpreneur Nyell

In today’s Chaitech blog post, we feature work of one of our young techpreneurs, Nyell X. Jean: Pops Productions Tech Vlog.

The story about Nyell’s YouTube channel Pops Productions Tech started in January of 2015, when he, at the age of 12, received his first Android Smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2. Later that year, Nyell learned about Android lollipop which was released the year before (2014) and went reading online about it. Android lollipop had a beautiful user interface compared to that of the Galaxy S Duos 2; so Nyell then thought to himself “can I update my phone to Android lollipop?”

Immediately he went on Google and searched “how to update Galaxy S Duos 2 to Android lollipop” and that’s when he discovered XDA developers, a huge android device encyclopedia, which enabled him to upload his phone at the time.

XDA developers remained Nyell’s interest till this day and he has been continuously reading multiple threads which gave him the ability to learn a lot about Android devices (restoring firmwares, rooting, custom roms etc). Having mastered these, he now successfully regularly shares his skills to 2,900 of his YouTube subscribers and makes contributions to developers on XDA as well. Some of his videos have been watched as many as 135,000 times!

Chaitech is building a community of young techpreneurs in St Lucia and is currently running a pilot virtual online techpreneur programme. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.

6 thoughts on “Pops Productions Tech, YouTube channel run by Chaitech techpreneur Nyell”

  1. I’m almost lost for words here. I am Bradley Jean his dad and I remember firstly when he messed up one of my laptop computers. I was a bit saddened over the fact that I had lost a lot of my pictures a music. At the end of it all I saw the bigger picture that there was. I saw it as a window of opportunity on his end to fix what he damaged and guess what…he did. Just imagine the teacher being tought. He thought me a lot of what i know now.With that said, I stood at his side as support and encouragement right through. I wish his success in this field of interest, the health and God’s blessings in this endeavor…Mazel Tov Pops.

  2. Richardson Jean Baptiste

    Nyel, the galaxy is the limit, and, i know your aim is to get even beyond there. I wish you every success in you endeavors and pledge my support in whatever way possible.

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