Second meeting of the CHAITECH Pilot Cohort

Saint Lucia startups CHAITECH

Saint Lucian startups involved in CHAITECH Pilot Cohort meet at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

Saint Lucian startups that are part of CHAITECH 2020 Spring Pilot Cohort have met for the second time at Sir Arthur Lewis Community college to discuss their goals for the spring 2020 Pilot CHAITECH Programme. With this meeting they planned or what is to happen with the Saint Lucian startups CHAITECH Techpreneur programme. Goals were set in place as to what they wish to accomplish during their time together and what they hope to get out the programme.

The two young Saint Lucian startups Carved Cravings, artisan cakes makers, and Mweh Lah, developing an event ticketing app, also had their individual meetings where a plan of action was set in place. During the CHAITECH Program these individual groups will be guided as to how to make their startup companies better with the use of different technology and different approaches.

During the meeting everyone listed the goals and expectation for the CHAITECH Spring 2020 Techpreneur Pilot programme and mentors are now planning ways to live up to the two young Saint Lucian startups’ expectations. Although this may only be the second meeting things are coming together nicely as in a sense that everyone is on the same page and we are now working together to make this spring programme a success.

The Spring 2020 CHAITECH Techpreneur Pilot Programme aims to provide young Saint Lucian startups with the ability to come up with the proof of concept for their businesses and set the basis for their online business activities.

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